Monday, January 12, 2015

One Person can make a difference in the life or others!!

It is truly amazing to think that One Person can make a difference in the life of others.

Over the weekend I was blown away by all the stories of transformation and the lives that have been changed with Beachbody.

When I started as a Coach I just wanted to Pay it Forward and help others find a way to change their health!
It all started because I took a chance and had a mission to help 1 person lose weight, get off prescriptions, and just feel better about his or herself....
One person.
Today it is hundreds!
I need your help!!!!
I believe in the power of one.
One person changing the life of another just like Johnny th bagger.
Will you be that change?

Here is what I am looking for:

*Those that love to help other people.

* Individuals that are motivating, inspiring, and want to be that change in the life of another.

* Be ready to be welcomed by the most fun loving positive community you have ever been a part of! Such a blessing in itself!

* Have a burning desire inside that you were meant to do more with your life!

* Live a Life and make a income by Paying it Forward!
I am going to teach you everything. You just have to believe that you can be that person to help another succeed.
I am opening up a new training, and just opening up the application process. This training is apart of the #1 Team in Beachbody!

Are you ready to be the change?

Fill out this application to apply.

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