Monday, January 26, 2015

Meal plan for the last week of January!

 Sunday is always my day to plan and prep for the week.  It's a rest day but not a rest from my nutrition or my planning.  It's a day to let my body just have some down time but also to mentally get ready for the week ahead.  On Sunday's I take some time to organize my entire life.  I sit down with my calendar and put on there the important things going on during the week for my family, and my business.  I always block out time for my workouts and on Sunday's I make my meal plan and grocery list.  That way I have the meal plan printed and taped to the fridge and I have the food in the fridge so it takes the guess work out of exactly what I am going to eat every night.  
Just look at the plan and go!
Here is my plan for the LAST week of January!! 

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