Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Could you be the next transformation?

I love getting to see real life transformations!! I remember when I ordered P90X over 4 years ago I was motivated by the late night infomercial. I was at a place in my life where I had tried EVERYTHING to lose weight. I was getting married in 6 months and I really didn't want to spend the money but I really wanted a change in my health to start my marriage.
I tried and I failed.... I laid on the floor and cried.
I felt like there was no hope for me. I was stressed and desperate to just get under 200 pounds before the BIG DAY.

When I finally dusted off the videos it was a year and 3 months later. I was working and my friend was talking to me about how she had success losing her baby weight in a challenge group doing Insanity and was going to do P90X next. I told her I had P90X and I couldn't do it. I didn't know it at the time but she was a Coach with Beachbody. And that is where the "Secret Sauce" as I like to say comes into play!! She invited me to join her closed face book group for accountability and support called Fit For Fall. I told her I would join but I remember thinking BEFORE I even started that I would fail.

I posted in the group daily and worked out in my living room in the morning and many of the first workouts I laid on the floor and just laughed at the thought of ever being able to do it, but I kept checking into the group and I kept trying... I remember the first time I did a full (NO Knees) push up I was amazed. I went from not even walking for fitness to doing and finishing 90 days of P90X!!

I also learned how to eat... Yes I can pick up a fork and feed myself I was 230 POUNDS! I just didn't know how to eat right. I learned to throw out the mindset of FAT FREE and NOT eating to lose weight. I still to this day have NEVER counted a calorie. I learned to EAT MORE and Eat Clean healthy food.

I didn't start using Shakeology until my third week. I remember working at the spa and seeing the bowl of chocolate candy and my mouth would water and squirt at me!! I was craving everything!! I was never a BIG sweets eater but the processed food I was eating was loaded with sugar!! WW Meals or Lean cuisines where my go to FAST lunches. I replaced a meal a day with shakeology and that is when the BIG Change took effect! I wasn't tired, run down, and craving everything in sight. After 2 months of drinking shakeology everyday I was able to come off medication for high blood pressure, after 6 months I was taken off all medication for PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) after being diagnosed at the age of 13 I thought there was NO hope for me and was even told I would be obese for the rest of my life by my endocrinologist.

Well I proved Her Wrong!!

I lost 30 pounds with P90X, Shakeology and Clean Eating!! I am a success story!

This weekend at our Super Friday event in Pittsburgh PA we had 3 coaches share their transformation stories with us!

What AMAZING transformations check it out here:

It once again validates why we as coaches are here and that we have a very powerful and important job to do!!!

It's stories like this that make me love my job even more!!!!

Is it time for your own transformation?

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