Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holiday Clean Eating and Fitness Accountability Group!

Be fit for the holidays
Holiday accountability group

Planning out my 30 day eat, drink and be healthy holiday guide!

Did you know that on average people gain 10 to 15 pounds 
from Halloween to New years!!

Holiday Season Weight gain
Holiday Season Gain

Crazy right!!

Whether you are just starting to focus on eating healthy or you need a little extra accountability this group is going to give you everything you need to stay on track and balance all the options this holiday!

Let's face it, weight loss, health and nutrition are hard during this time of the year! But I've found a way to make it all work and feel good about myself doing it! 
I also have lots of success stories from challengers to prove that it works!

No starvation, no crash diet, just healthy food, 
regular exercise and setting a few priorities to make it happen!
If you are feeling like you need a good old kick in the pants check out this 
30 day group to create a healthy lifestyle vs crash diet!
You can absolutely have your cake and eat it too!

Holiday Beachbody Challenge

I know that I do better when I have like-minded people by my side.

This Month PiYO is the special and for just $10 over the cost of Shakeology you can get a awesome workout too! Save $70 on this challenge pack!! 

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They even have a special that includes the complete challenge pack 
with the 3 day refresh!! 
The PiYO Kickstart Challenge!! 
A savings of $95.00

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Check it out here:

*Start with a quick, 3-day cleanse with the 3 Day Refresh to lose the Thanksgiving weight
*Flexible meal plan so you can enjoy the holidays without gaining
*One-on-one and group support
*Fun workout that helps you to lose inches and tone up
*Nutritional support
*Huge discount
*A chance to do it BETTER this time around
*Low impact options for anyone easing back into fitness or working around an injury

I like to keep my groups relatively small to ensure that we can all work together and I can give time to each person. If this sounds like your "light bulb" moment... the way you are going to SEE and FEEL a difference this winter,
Fill out this application below!


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