Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Are you Ready to Jump start your career??


Would you take a job with a company that was up and down in risk or with a guaranteed profession of explosion in an industry that is guaranteed never to disappear? 
What has changed with you and your position in your current profession in the past 2 years?
▶️Do you find satisfaction and purpose when you offer to help someone and their outcome is positive?

I'm not saying quit what you are doing now, but can you add a small amount of focus each day on something that improves your own health? So that in 1-2 years you then have the option of quitting your other job?

Do you know the profession of the fitness and health industry is the safest one to choose?
Do you get frequent recognition? Bonuses? Accolades? In your current profession?
What motivates you to work harder for your purpose?
Do you know that I personally mentor you every step of the way?
All from the comfort of your home or on a smart phone!! On your time!! 

projections from Beachbody

I'm saying this to show the potential for you.
I work hard to train people the skills for independent success. That's what I focus on.
I mentor people and share what has worked for me.
I would love to show you where this business can fit into your life, and make a BIG difference!!

Sara Stakeley


I realize you have a CAREER.

I understand that you are BUSY.

I get that you are COMFORTABLE.

I'm betting that you are a SKEPTIC.

———> BUT

Nearly all of my Diamond coaches have FULL TIME Careers.

Nearly all of my Diamond coaches balance their career and have children.

Nearly all of my Diamond coaches, THOUGHT their life was comfortable.

None of my Diamond coaches jumped in to this opportunity BLINDLY.

———> SO WHAT

ALL of these Diamond Beachbody Leaders realized this was a SMART investment of their time. They all realized that there is SOMETHING BIGGER than working 8-5 everyday for someone else for the rest of your life. Most of these leaders now have a substantial side income contributing to their household or their retirement, and THAT IF they or their spouses were to ever lose their job, they would be okay. THAT is SMART. There is substantial PEACE of MIND knowing that. In fact, IF they did lose their job, their Beachbody business would actually excel—-> that much FASTER.

 Having the power to work on your terms gives you a FREEDOM that you will NEVER have working for someone ELSE. We don’t sit in rush hour. We don’t request days off, our raises do not rely on a corporate matrix or manager approval and nor are we just buying our time longing for retirement. <---because br="" either.="" fulfilling="" not="" that="">
Not ONE of these Diamond leaders ever said to me, “I have ALL the time in the world and no one else relies on me” LOL Yeah- no Ive honestly never had someone say that  They are ALL very busy—-> and busy people know how to GET STUFF DONE EFFECTIVELY.

All of these Diamond leaders, including myself, have one regret, they WISH they had started this business, EVEN SOONER. I waited months because I was skeptic about network marketing, thought this was a pyramid scheme (stop and ask yourself if you can define that term and business model), thought I had to be salesy, thought the market was “tapped out”, thought that I had to pay a HUGE investment, and lastly, deep down I kind of had FEAR of failing. So I stayed skeptical. Everyone of my Diamond Leaders did. Not ONE of us jumped right in blindly. And I will tell you this, I LOVE skeptics! Because once they open their mind to the facts of this business model, culture of my team and integrity of this company and finally see the POTENTIAL———> THEY HAVE FULL BLOWN STAR POWER!

So maybe you think just like the Diamonds on my team did. Many of these Diamond leaders didn’t even realize they had STAR POWER, until someone believed in them and there was finally an opportunity worth putting their heart in. You may not realize it yet, either. BUT—-> if what I am sharing makes sense to you READ ON a little bit more.

I am pushing for a VERY big GOAL in Beachbody and only a handful of coaches have achieved this. I currently have Diamond leaders on my team and am looking to find and develop TWO more people into DIAMONDS with a STAR POWER mindset and work ethic. What is in it for YOU? Well you will have to TRUST me. TRUST that helping people live more healthy and fulfilling lives will change your life DRAMATICALLY.

 WE are a very DIVERSE GROUP.
STAR POWER isn’t about a certain look, age, credentials or experience. It’s about what is inside you that drives you to IMPROVE many aspects of your life. They say you are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with. When you surround yourself with a network of people with STAR POWER, the best will inevitably also come out in YOU.
If you are READY to be one of my NEXT TWO Diamond Leaders and are comfortable, busy, skeptical and have a great job already—-> then you are PERFECT!

Lets get STARTED: 

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