Friday, June 6, 2014

Time Management

Time Management, Sara Stakeley,,
The 15 minutes it will take you to watch this video will save you LOADS of time going forward.  Its often the BUSIEST people that are the most successful with Beachbody because they are laser focused with their time and manage it best.
I use this very system every single day to keep me FOCUSED on my goals and  business moving behaviors.  I know that many of the TOP COACHES also use this very system.
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This was a post I made in my Team page regarding finding BUSY PEOPLE:
Don't let people TRICK YOU by saying they are TOO BUSY for this business!!! In my almost 3 year experience, it is THE BUSIEST coaches that KICK ASS in this business! Its the coaches juggling full time jobs, several kids, absent spouses, long commutes, second jobs, sick family members, school… whatever that JUST GET IT DONE!
I think there is truth in that they don't have time to waste so they are LASER FOCUSED in their vital behaviors and dont waste a second.
So next time your are speaking to a potential recruit, if they say they are “way too busy” say “OMG freaking GREAT! You are PERFECT!!” Busy people know how to manage their time!
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