Saturday, June 7, 2014

Is Diet Soda making me store FAT?

I feel as if I CRINGE when someone orders a diet soda!!! Not only is it terrible for you it is terribly addictive!! With PCOS it is almost dangerous!! But for someone who is watching or trying to lose weight it can be so misleading... I hate that sneaky business!!

chemical shit storm

I opt for a deer parks sparkling water to get my fizz fix, and I thankfully grew up in a home where soda was not around. For many this is the hardest habit to break!!!
I also LOVE Spa Water!! We have it at the spa but it is a great way to drink more water with natural fruit or add sugar free frozen!!

Spa Water at home

If you read this article you'll discover that diet soda triggers insulin, which sends your body into fat storage mode and leads to weight gain not weight loss, increases risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes, is associated with depression and increases your risk for cardiovascular disease. These are all risk factors for #PCOS as it is. If you are serious about healing and managing your PCOS, crowd out diet soda with fruit infused water and sparkling mineral water. Kombucha is another naturally fizzy alternative.

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