Friday, June 6, 2014

Help me have PATIENCE!

Help me have PATIENCE!
Patience is easier said than done, for sure!  When it comes to your Beachbody business,we see all these successful coaches and want what they have…NOW!  I hate to burst your bubble, but Beachbody is NOT a get rich QUICK business.    Like weight loss, raising children, and building a strong marriage, your BUSINESS also requires TIME and PATIENCE.
I know, we are in a world of FAST and IMMEDIATE gratification.  But to truly have a thriving long term business that doesn’t crumble, you must have PATIENCE.  Ive seen so many Beachbody coaches that have soooo much potential, get frustrated that they aren’t having the same financial success as someone else and they QUIT.  As if quitting  is going to put them on their desired path of financial freedom.
It’s those coaches that see the long term picture.  Stay focused and don’t sweat the short term “small stuff” that WILL experience the financial freedom they have earned.  Its not about being quiet while time passes…its about staying productive.

Want to know some TOP COACH secrets on Patience while building your Beachbody Business?  Watch the video of the day in the group 8min.
ASSIGNMENT: What primary message did you take away from his video that you can start applying TODAY?

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