Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Coach Camp Level 1

There are no assignments for the weekend other than for you to get caught up on this weeks and then I'll post some optional ones.
Here is your Friday LESSON:
Does the word GOAL make you uncomfortable? Yeah, it used to scare me too. But geez, you have to have a destination before you get in the car and drive, right? The Business Activity Tracker (BAT) helps you outline and track your goals. And don’t forget to get a refresher with the video. One of the best ways for me to help you is for you to share your weekly BAT with me. It is easy to open it up, save it on your desktop, fill it in (remember to save it), and then send it to me. OR you can print off 8 copies, fill it in each week (on Thursday), and then just text me a picture of it. Hey, I am flexible with how I receive it, but turning it in is not optional. Believe me, you will thank me at the end.
OPTIONAL weekend assignment: Id love for each of you to google “Oprah Dream Board” and this weekend sit down with your family and create what DREAMS you want to accomplish in the next 12 months and by WHEN. Make them a stretch but Realistic and in “Smart Goal” format.   I have an overall dream board I keep on my desk and look at Daily. I need to update my Oprah one as its a year old now and some of my priorities have changed. I also Have a list of my year business goals I keep on my desk.   Many I have crossed off this year. Id love for you all to VISUALIZE your target and share what you are going for in life!
Smart Goals:
Smart Goals
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