Friday, May 30, 2014

This tip can curb over eating!!

Think back to your last meal. Was it pleasant and leisurely? Or were you rushing to wolf it down before hitting the morning commute?

How often have you found yourself racing through meals on the go, or watching TV while mindlessly shoveling forkfuls of food into your mouth? 

The common sense advice, to slow down eating by placing your fork on the plate between bites is actually a very useful tactic for reaching your weight loss goals. Slowing down can be very good not only for your digestion and your table manners, it can help prevent overeating. It forces you to relax and pay attention to chewing the food you already have, and allows you to notice more easily when you begin to feel full. 

How long do you usually take to finish a meal? 

If it's 10 minutes or less, you could be eating twice as much as your body needs without even knowing it! The body takes 20 minutes before it alerts the brain that it has had enough.That's because it's not your stomach reaching capacity that tells your brain to stop, it's food reaching your intestines that triggers the signal to put down the fork. Eating quickly can cause you to eat dozens of extra mouthfuls of food before your brain gets that important message. 

Research shows that eating slower results in eating less and still feeling satisfied. A study from the North American Association for the Study of Obesity had overweight subjects eat a meal at different speeds, always eating as much as they wanted. In one meal, the test group ate at their normal rate; in another meal, for the first half of the meal they could only take a bite of food when they heard a beep, and for the rest of the meal they could eat whenever they wanted; and in a third meal, they had to eat only when they heard a beep for the entire meal until they had eaten as much as they wanted. Invariably, the people ate less during the slower, meals directed by beeps.

Today, we challenge you to put down your fork between bites. It sounds like a no-brainer, but have you ever actually tried putting your fork down between every bite, chewing your food, and not picking up your fork again until you've swallowed the previous bite? Try it today and pay attention to how it feels. If you're eating food with your hands, like a wrap or a slice of pizza, put the food on the plate while you chew. Think about how many calories you could potentially save at every meal just by using this technique. 

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Can do this for an entire meal? 

Can is cause you to eat less? 
Did you enjoy your meal more? 
What differences do you notice when you slow down and savor your food?

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