Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dear Mom, Happy Mothers Day!!

Dear MOM,
I know I have given you many cards before and you know how much I admire you. But this year, I have been reflecting on who you are as a woman, your years before you became a mom and a wife and how it all led up to the woman that you are now.

You are brilliant, creative, free spirited, funny and can basically do anything. And when I say anything, I mean: cook, bake, sew, make costumes, paint, fix things, change a tire, manage a household, teach, make babies stop crying, plan a wedding with proper southern etiquette, decorate with class and style, travel with one small suitcase and still have everything you need, heal the sick, empower your husband and sing, dance, play tea parties, and still do splits. I know I am missing many other things too.

So basically, I’ll never be able to live up to who you are, and hopefully Brian is okay with that! 

All you ever wanted and still want is to be loved, Kind to others and giving of yourself. I want you to know that none of your God given talents, strength of spirit and resilience has been overlooked by your children. 

You showed Angie and I what it means to be truly loved and to never settle and fight for that. You gave us independence to never rely on a man but to find a friend and a equal to share life with. 

It would not surprise me if you sometimes feel under appreciated and over-worked. But you are the first person I have always called my whole life, to celebrate or to cry. I just want to thank you for dreaming with me, driver, caretaker, cook, encourager, back rubber, hair-roller, interview coach, nurturer, back-scratcher, lullaby singer, bedtime story reader and tradition keeper.

Thank you for raising me with the knowledge of the love everyone and all things. Thank you for helping me see my worth and giving me the understanding and calmness to my fierier father side. 
Thank you for saving me from grief by guiding me in how to handle relationships and setting high standards. 

Thank you for making every holiday a special day!!

Thank you for showing me that true wisdom is learning from other people’s mistakes and that I do not always have to make my own. Thank you for telling me I was beautiful when my face was covered in cystic acne. Thank you for NEVER saying a hurtful thing to me even when I screamed I hate you!! 

Thank for exposing me to basically every extracurricular dance activity under the sun, but never making me feel pressured. 

And thank you for having the DNA of a very STRONG Women. Even when you don’t see yourself this way, you are a million times more of a winner in God’s eyes than most magazine celebrities or household names. 
You have truly stored up your treasures in Heaven. 

A saint on this earth!! If there were a Mother of the Lifetime Award, it would definitely go to you. I know now as an adult this is not the case for many!! 
I am blessed because of you!!

I love you so much.
Love, Sara 

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