Monday, April 14, 2014

Work from anywhere!! It's not too good to be true!!

Beachbody Coach location independence

I don't miss the days when you got home from a trip and have to report back to work the very next day because your vacation days are limited!

work from home
Now I get excited for Monday and I don't have to drag myself to an office or report to a boss! I ...get to BE the BOSS, DRESS for SUCCESS (LOL) because I love doing what I do!!

I am on the Monday Beachbody national call listening and learning how to help people better in my kitchen! In my favorite comfy T-Shirt!!
I am not tempted by the food in the break room because my break room is my KITCHEN!
And I am prepping for my week today while I listen to keep myself on track since I wasn't home yesterday!



I had a great trip in Charlotte NC and it was amazing to be able to be able to travel while working and help my Sister out as well. She is getting married in 3 weeks and I wanted to be able to help her with some last minute things for the wedding as well as help babysit the dogs so they could travel to Charleston to finish up some last minute wedding things like a trail run on her hair and to meet the photographer!! 

Dog sitter

It worked out that I got to spend time with a couple of Beachbody Buddies while I was in Charlotte as well!! Seay and Neil are from Tampa Florida and Seay and I have become friends through Beachbody! They where here visiting in the fall and even spent New Years with us 2 years ago here in Pittsburgh. It is crazy to think that if it wasn't for Beachbody we would have never meet.
This business has blessed my life in so many different ways through friendships, family, financial freedom, my job location, being able to work from anywhere!!

find friends in your beachbody business

I can't imagine a life without it!

Jerri and I went to college together and she was my very first customer. She was running and focused on changing her health. I shared with her my success with P90X and Shakeology  and she decided to give it a try!! Jerri is from about 4 hours away from Pittsburgh and she and I stay connected in challenge groups in a closed private Facebook page!
21 day fix on vacation
Road Trip on the 21 Day fix

It was awesome to get to take a flash back into my 20's with her this past weekend on the road!! We are both currently doing the 21 Day fix so it was nice to have a travel partner to stay healthy with on the road! 

21 Day fix grilled chicken
Jerri is a awesome grill cook

Jerri and I both love to cook!! My Sister's kitchen never saw so much action before!! And my soon to be Brother in law also liked the fun healthy food we prepared for dinner while visiting!! That is the best part we saved by packing our shakeology for lunch everyday and cooking healthy food at home.

Of course we still cheated a little with a wine and cheese day with Seay and Neil, but the weather was awesome and we had a great afternoon together!

Fun in the sun, Wine vault
Work Picnic

It was great to relax and give my injured back a rest. We brought along the 21 day fix and Focus T25 workouts and Jerri did them with my Sister in the living room at home. I joined Jerri on Sunday for a little fix yoga and the weather was nice so we took a morning and evening walk with the dogs!! 

Friends from diffrent locations

 It is nice to surround yourself with like minded friends and family. Fitness and health are just a way of life!! I even worked with Jerri on my meal plan for this week on the fix. I lowered my daily cups to make up for the lack of activity I am allowed to do!! I can't workout just yet but I am focused on eating 100% fix approved! No cheats!! 
Here is what my week will look like.

21 day fix meal plan with no workout
21 day fix meal plan when you can not workout

To think just 2 short years ago I would have to BEG for UNPAID time off and budget and save or go without because I wanted to vacation or even just take a long weekend.
I am so thankful for my Beachbody business and the blessings it has given me and my family's life.
I can travel and splurge!! I got to treat my Sister on a wedding budget to some new clothes and even found a new swimsuit to wear at her wedding week at the Beach!! I love to treat myself and the ones I love with gifts!! It is what living is all about!!

Make a income while on vacation
Working Vacation splurge!!

I no longer work to live!! I LOVE to work!!

I determine how hard I work, where I work, what goals I set for myself, when I get a raise and what my future will be! My office is downstairs, but JUST yesterday it was in North Carolina!!! My business is my health, my lifestyle is my example and I get to do what I love each day and that is help OTHER people! 

Sounds like a pretty AWESOME right! 
It is not too good to be true!! It is my everyday!
Do what you Love and it will never feel like you work a day EVER!!!!!

Coach Camp
New Coach Apprenticeship Program

I can show you how 1 decision to try with a passion for others can change your life too!!
I am setting up a coach apprentice group now!!
I would love to share this blessing and you how to make a income from anywhere
 doing what you love! 

PCOS Positive Chef

Message me with questions.

Apply here to be apart of my team!!

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