Saturday, April 26, 2014

What a Month looks like for a Beachbody Coach!

What a Month!! It has been CRAZY!! I have really enjoyed the time I have been blessed to have away from home. And as I sit here now with my last day of work at the spa and not at home... I am grateful!

I had a little COMPUTER melt down and my PC decided to catch a nasty cold!! Now everything I do is to create a life like no one else for my future!! And all my income is set to my goal! Big Goal of being financially free at 35! But I talked it over with my Hubby and we decided it was time for a upgrade! He said your work needs to be proficient you are saving lives!! How sweet!! And not a eye blinked when I bought my newest treasure the MAC book Pro!! LOVE IT!!

So I am back and I make it my promise to reward you with more action on this page :)

I am grateful to have the blessing that I was able to cover ALL our bills this month on April 1st! 
I am grateful that I can be location independent with Beachbody and make a income from anywhere! 

I received a paycheck for two weeks from the spa when I was away helping my Sister in Charlotte for her wedding and it was $337.00 For TWO WEEKS!! I received a check from Beachbody each Thursday, even when I was on the road for just under $2,000!!! I allowed myself $200 in spending play money and I made sure to pay off debt before I was tempted at the mall!! Crazy to think that you can have balance and get paid to just enrich the lives of others! I check in with my customers, follow up, and make sure they are staying on track with the meal plan and workouts. Drinking Shakeology and monitor their health and well being online... On Face book, in a closed private support group!
I also get paid to focus on myself!!

I am required to do personal development daily and I really enjoy it!! See when you give yourself to others you have to find a balance and fill up your strength tank as well!!

I am required to be Prof that the products work so I workout and drink shakeology! Best Tax return EVER!! I get paid and claim my health!! What!! YES!
wake with passion

And Invite!! I invite others by adding value to their lives and showing them through learned knowledge of how the products have changed my health and the health of my family and team of coaches!

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Our Mission

Believe in you!! Be the light in some one's darkness!! Give with no strings attached! When you do things in the spirit of love that is when you feel your best that is when you have really alive!! 
My ultimate goal is to help people reach this highest potential! 

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If I could have kids, he would be mine!! 

Walt Disney Said there are three people in this world:

1.Well Poisoners: they are the people who discourage others, stomp on their creativity,and tell them what they can't do.

2.  Lawnmowers : People who have good intentions but are self absorbed, who mow their own lawn but never help others.

3. Life Enhancer:
This last category contains the people who reach out to enrich the lives of others who lift them up, and inspire them.

Each of us NEEDS to do everything in our power to become a Life Enhancer!! To nurture people so that they are motivated to grow and reach their potential!! It is a process that takes time.

How about that for a title!! I am a Location independent Life Enhancer!! 
I AM a Beachbody Coach.
My goal is to make the people around me feel loved respected and secure.

I am hiring Life Enhancers!! Apply NOW to join Team Evolve!
I have 2 Coach Camps Starting in May!! It is going to be a EPIC way to start the Summer! Let me show you how! Message me for details or apply below.

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