Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stuffed Protein Crepes 21 day fix Recipe.

Stuffed Protein Crepes Recipe
{Serves one – High Protein – Gluten Free}
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21 day fix breakfast

•1/2 cup egg whites

•1 scoop protein powder (Beachbody vanilla whey)

almond milk or coconut milk to thin out batter (sweetened to sweeten or un sweet on 21 Day Fix)

•optional: pure maple syrup to sweeten

Stuff with bananas, chocolate chips, 1 tsp fix nut butter, blueberries, strawberries!! 
Directions: Mix egg whites and protein powder in blender. If your protein powder isn’t very sweet on it’s own add pure maple syrup.

Batter should be thinner than normal pancake batter. Add milk of your choice or a dash of water if it’s not.

Cook in a HOT, well coconut oiled pan. Spread batter around in pan in a thin, even coat. The mix made 2 crepes in my big skillet.

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