Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Great Clean Eating and Nutrition Apps!

Fresh Food Finder App for HOME and TRAVEL!
Fresh Food Finder App
In the past, after working all day, it would take all my effort and motivation to drag myself to the gym. Most evenings, I would get home at seven o’clock, eat whatever I had leftover in the fridge, and sink into my couch. I couldn’t understand why I was so wiped out!

After speaking with a friend, she mentioned how she changed her eating habits. Instead of eating processed junk she switched to eating local, organic food. My friend raved about how much more energy she has and how much more “fresh” she feels so I figured, what do I have to lose?
I got on the bandwagon and decided to try my own 
Eat Clean Cheat Sheet. I started by gutting my cupboards of anything processed. Now I try to buy as much organic, fresh, and local food that will fit in my fridge. Almost instantly I saw a dramatic change in my energy levels and I knew this was going to be a gig I could stick with!
Clean eating apps

So far I have done a great job buying organic and going to the local farmers’ market to stock up on my food, however I’ve come to a MAJOR roadblock. Soon I will be going on vacation, and it occurred to me, how am I supposed to keep this healthy lifestyle up on the road? With all the time, effort, and money I have put into this healthy eating plan and considering how incredible I feel, I am determined NOT to let vacation get in my way.
Thankfully as I skimmed through some magazines I stumbled upon a useful tool for my smartphone that just may be my ticket to freshness for the summer! The application is called “Fresh Food Finder”. What I found most useful is that it is a free application and takes nearly 2 minutes to download onto your smartphone. It is also a breeze to navigate! You simply click on the application and it welcomes you. Next, choose the option you want; “Find Markets Near Me,” or “Search For a Market.” I selected the first option and typed in “Trinity.” Over 40 fresh, local, and organic markets popped up! I truly can’t believe how convenient and easy to use this application is.
I am so ecstatic I found this useful tool just in time for my trip. Now I am confident I will be able to keep up my healthy eating plan, even on the road. It is a breath of fresh air to know local and organic food is right at my fingertips (literally)!

My Fitness Pal
Another GREAT App is the MyFitnessPal!  It stores your daily activity, calories and food journal.  It is AMAZINGLY simple to keep track of everything and it has MOST of the Beachbody programs listed in it already!

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