Monday, February 10, 2014

Blow your Doctor's away!!! A success story after 4 months with Shakeology, Clean Eating and my Support in the Challenge group!! Beat PCOS!!

PCOS Transformation

Moments like this make what I do each and everyday worth it!! I love that I have been able to have success and in return I can make a income and change the lives of others as a coach with Beachbody!! Rebekah came to me on referral from our Chiropractor. I never met Rebekah face to face but we first met online through email and then spoke on the phone.  I try to speak from my heart and I listened to her and what was going on in her health, I know weight loss is very personal. We found that we both had a history of problems with PCOS and I felt this was meant to be that she reached out to me. I thought  "I can really help this women". Well after our conversation leery from trying everything like I was when I started, she decided to give my help a try and trust me with her hard earned money with the hope that this was the answer. I am so thankful she did!! Over the last couple of months we have "met" daily online in my private group with others excited to learn more about health and fitness. Rebekah took everything I taught and had success!! I finally got to meet Rebekah at our local Super Saturday for coaches and Rebekah is now helping others while she continues to help herself as a coach!! 

That is how it works pay it forward... I help you, and you want help others! Her goal her first month as a Beachbody coach was to cover her cost of replacing a meal with Shakeology and when you read her story below you will see why this was so important to her!! Well she did that with my help and support in a little different way this time as a coach in my new coach training. She actually covered her cost and is on track with success to win a free ticket to our Beachbody Summit in Vegas this June where we will get to spend days together!! Learning, celebrating, and growing together in this business!!

Here is Rebekah's Success Story!!

***BLOOD WORK RESULTS*** I can not be more excited to share these results. Again, many of you have been following my weight loss journey and although I am so excited about my outward changes, it is my inward health that really brought me t...o this point. 5 yrs ago I was DX with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). My symptoms at the time were: excessive weight gain, hair loss, no energy, irregular menstrual cycles, digestive issues, and constant abdominal pain. I had a colonoscopy and cervical biopsy before the age of 30. Sonograms on my cervix and thyroid, trying to figure out what was causing all these issues.

PCOS, Weight loss naturally

So what is PCOS? In simple terms a hormone imbalance (to an extreme). There are several different degrees and can present different symptoms to different women. However, it can also include fertility difficulty, excessive facial/arm hair growth, severe acne, and actual cysts on the ovaries. All of this creates insulin resistance. Although the pancreas is producing insulin the body is not able to absorb it properly, so then medications are used to balance the process.

In my case, I was placed on 3 medications Metformin (oral synthetic insulin) and Synthroid (Thyroid medication), and Birth Control. In June 2013, I had an elevation in my blood pressure that sent me to the ER on a Sunday morning when my resting BP was 150/104 with a pulse of 110. It was determined that I was having a side effect from the birth control, causing the elevated BP. At this time my PCP wanted to add BP meds to counter act the birth control. This is were I drew the line. I was not adding another med to counter act a side effect of a different medicine. In September 2013, many of my symptoms of PCOS had returned since going off the birth control, I was 203 lbs, and at a complete lose of what to do. I was not even 35 yrs old, had 4 children that need me at my BEST and I was NOT there!

Then Shakeology/Beachbody and clean eating entered my life!

After losing my first 10lbs and the ok by my Endocrinologist, I went off both of these medications in December 2013. Today I am down 25+lbs and received the results of my blood work without the meds my body had been depending on for over 5 yrs to function correctly for my insulin and thyroid function.

ALL Thyroid function is in PERFECT range! B12 is at 715 (My dr was amazed, she is happy with 300-400 in women), Iron PERFECT, Creatinine (kidney function) PERFECT, Protein levels PERFECT, Vitamin D level 51 (Again amazed dr, because she NEVER sees it this high, especially in the winter months). My fasting Glucose (sugar) was slightly elevated, but the Dr. is confident that this will come down as I continue to eat clean and lose weight!

Although I give a lot of credit to Shakeology and lifestyle changes, I also give ALL credit to my HEALER Jesus Christ! He has given me the strength and ability to make these changes in my body. I was at one point on 6 different medications and today I am at 2, and I am believing in faith that one day (in the near future) I will be medication FREE!!

Focus T25 at home with kids

I am so proud of Rebekah and her life has changed in so many ways over the past few months!! She is a better mother, wife, and friend. She has changed her health, her energy and her kids are watching!! They love to workout with her at home doing Focus T25.

If you would like more help and want to BLOW your Doctors away like Rebekah and I message me for more one on one help. I would love to meet you and you never know you might be the next success story!!!
~Sara Stakeley

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