Sunday, February 2, 2014

Apple Pie for Breakfast! ( Eat Clean Apple Pancake Rings)

Have you seen Apple Pancake Rings before? They’re genius! Who wouldn’t love thinly sliced apples dipped in pancake batter and pan fried? Serve them up like pancakes, but with a kick. Any pancake batter will do the trick, but I’m going to share what I used to boost the fiber and stay away from the Bisquick crap.
The combination of mildly tart apple, nutty cinnamon, and sweet pancake batter make for a delightful breakfast and a fun presentation. You can make them fun for kids and serve them like sandwich bread with a slice of raw cheddar cheese or Gouda between two apple pancake rings.
No one misses the syrup.
That said, today Brian and I broke out the sorghum syrup or you could use maple syrup when we want a sweet breakfast treat.

 Apple Pancake Rings

Apple Pie Breakfast rings
Apple Pie Breakfast


The How-To
In a mixing bowl, whisk together buck wheat pancake mix according to box. Stir until evenly mixed, then let sit for 5 minutes.
Heat a griddle or cast iron skillet to medium heat. Melt a dab of coconut oil or spray with EVOO Misto on your cooking surface. While that’s heating and your batter is resting (an essential step when working with buckwheat), this is a good time to slice, and core your apples if you haven’t already.
Using a toothpick, pick up an apple ring and dunk it in the pancake batter. Then, put it on the griddle. Repeat for as many apple pancake rings as you’ve got room to cook. Once the batter has cooked firm around the edges and turned golden brown, flip once to cook the other side to golden brown.
When finished, serve apple pancake rings warm.
We love serving it up with dried cranberries, raisins and/or with sorghum syrup from whole foods.

I love to make Breakfast fun on Sundays and for more tips or tricks check out the recipe tab on this page for Clean Eating Fun!!

~ Sara Stakeley

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