Monday, February 24, 2014

21 Day Fix Week Two Results, Will Blow YOUR MIND!! MEAL PLAN Rockstar!!

Week 2 is officially in the bag!!! I can say that I feel amazing!

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Week 2 21 Day Fix

What have I learned so far:

1.  I WAS STUCK cause I WASN'T EATING ENOUGH! CRAZY!! Down 10 pounds in 14 days!!
2.  If I keep bad food in the house I am tempted to the point that it makes me miserable. Brian brought home these PCOS so BAD for me Doughnuts that someone game him as a gift and I dreamed about them that night!! In the morning I licked one of them!! YES Licked!!  It was divine but I quickly threw them into the back yard for the birds!  I am weak! I couldn't stand the thought of them calling to me!! The coffee black was amazing!!
3.  A 30 minute workout IS ENOUGH to see results!!!!
4. Those containers can hold a lot of food if you squish it in there! LOL
5.  I am slacking on my water intake when I work from home. Like now I will pause and fill up my water!! <<<< Drink>>>>
6.  I still don't love working out! I like it and it is fun.... but when it is over!!
7.  I can get abs on this plan!  I truly believe that if I stick to this for a few rounds I will achieve results I have been working for a long time to get!  My Stomach feels tighter and my pants are BIGGER in the butt and waist!! In 14 days!! WOW!!!! I have a jean poppy pants sag!! I totally rocked my red goal jeans all weekend!!

PCOS sweet craving
Breakfast Gift!! Not Fix Friendly!

So, week 2 was great because I finally have the moves down and I could really push myself to the next level with it!  I had the food containers down pat and I didn't even really need to use the tracking sheets because I had it memorized and I follow the same breakfast and snacks.  I was not nearly as sore as week 1! I also had a dream!! I HAVE A DREAM!! I love to cook and create clean meals..... (((SMOKE Signal)))) why not create 21 Day Fix Meals!! I need variety!! Done!! Breakfast yesterday Was AMAZING!!

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Blueberry Crisp for 21 day fix breakfast

I also kicked off my first 21 day fix test group today and I have 23 people excited and learning the fix along with me! My Mom saw my results and wants in with the amazing modifications she can totally do it!! Down 12 pounds already with Clean Eating!! My Sister and Cousin are also in the group!!
 It's becoming a family affair.

I truly love eating food, even though I eat good food I just over eat food!  I believe the 21 day fix compliments my clean eating lifestyle so well.  If you consider yourself a clean eater but you struggle to get results it really could be your portion sizes.  You could be eating to many of the right foods and that can stall your progress.  I will be recommending this program to all of my customers and I am going to host another test group because the results are just amazing! Big Game Changer!! I love the energy I am getting!! Day 10 I felt Silly and Light hearted!! I even made this funny video to share with other fixer friends on Facebook Friday 5:00 wine time!!
Watch here: Post by Sara Stakeley.

Sista Cheers (Friday Night Fix Fun)

For my meal plan I truly like to keep it simple. Except dinners!! I want to be creative to help others in my group and you to see how awesome this can be!!  It's working great for me and I feel like it's easy to follow and prep.  The veggie stir fry is really a favorite of mine that I could eat quite often.
I drink my shake for Lunch every day with water and I add in some flax seeds.  It gets me to my mid day snack and its quick and easy to grab and go. Plus I add a fruit as a side car!! Love watermelon it tastes like candy!!!

On my turkey breast baked with lemon and rosemary!! I have been putting a rosemary on the top for a condiment with my quiona DIPPY EGG heaven warm Breakfast ..YUMMY!!. I find that I have a green tea or natural decaf herbal tea at night if I am really really hungry.  It has kept me from wanting to cheat.  Late night snacking is something everyone needs to Fix so I plan to save a  container for it this week with EDANAME!!
21 Day Fix Meal Plan (Recipes will be posted this week here)

Also, green tea really does help you stave off the hunger!! I don't add any sweetener to it, I just do the flavored green tea or this new gem and that gives it a hint of sweetness.

FIT TIP:  So if you are doing the fix for the very first time lets chat!  Its not going to happen over night.   The one thing you can't expect from this plan is to continue to eat the way you were before.  Lets face it, you are here in this place right now because what you were doing ISN'T working! If you want something different then you have to be willing to make a change, to embrace something new and to go with it.  I completely understand that it's hard, that it takes time and that it's exhausting to get rid of old habits and temptations.  But the smell of victory is so sweet. And you feel different! I have been eating this way for two years!! And never felt like this!!
Remember that you want to change more than you want to stay the same.  You want to wake up every day and feel happy, healthy, alive and confident.  If you are worried about having to give up all the things you love like pizza, cookies and cake, then yes it will be hard. But it's not impossible.  You just work those things into your plan.  They can still happen it's just on a smaller scale.
Remember results don't happen over night, but they happen in the moments where it would be easy to quit. Results can happen on day 1 or day 5 if you have a BIG goal ahead of you!!  But on day 15 and 20 when you really have a good system in place.... MAGIC!!  It happens when you are consistent every day, when you don't make excuses, skip a workout or have an extra cheat meal.  Results happen when you have will power, you pass the cake, you drink the water, you say no to the added sauces, you ask for your food prepared differently when out to eat and you tell yourself that no matter what you will finish this challenge.  It's 21 days!!
You will be a success story and no little bump in the road is going to stop you!
My Job is a Gift! I change lives for a living!!

Weight loss is just as much a mental game as it is a physical one.  For many of us it's a lifetime of bad decisions.  Of coming from the old traditional ways of cooking, butter, heavy cream, ranch dressing, iceberg lettuce and corn as a veggie!  It doesn't have to be that way and you will be amazed at just how good your body is designed to feel!  You just have to embrace that change and be open to the possibility that healthy food is tasty food too!

So no matter where you are in life, know that you can make a change if YOU want to!  The key is that your will power has to be stronger than you WANT power!!!!!

I am ready to rock week 3 of the FIX!!!! Want to join me for the next round?
Click Here to take advantage of the sale price and learn more, or message me with questions.
XX Sara

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  1. Hi Sara.... You look AWESOME!! I just order my 21 day fix today. I can't wait to start. The only issue I have is that I'm in a new relationship and we're always eating out. I try to pick the best options like fish, salad, steak, veggies and etc. Sometimes I am able to control my portions then the other times I'm not when wine and tequila shots are involved. Please help. Your thoughts?