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10 things about me

Sara Stakeley

I love this world that we live in now!! You can meet and gain knowledge from so many people all over the world!! I really enjoy being able to share a little bit about myself and share with you my homemade meals, success, and struggles!!  Yes I am 100% human and just like everyone else I have a story! I feel like my story is a way to reflect on what makes me different and makes me, well ME!! 
I am 34.5 years young and here is my top 10 things that you think you know, but maybe had No Idea!! TRUE STORY!! LOL!!  

Sara Stakeley

1.) I have been married to Brian for almost 4 years, but we have been together for 14 years!! He is my best friend, and my biggest supporter! He is really shy when you meet him at first but not shy at ALL once he warms up!! He is a teacher and he teaches health and fitness P.E. at a local high school to grades 9 through 12!! I meet him at a Halloween party and he was a friend, of a friend, of a friend. We meet because he kept smiling at me and finally..... I just went over and got him to talk to me!! Crazy to think if that I didn't step outside my comfort zone and ask him!! We may have never met!!

Cat kidsPCOS

2.) I am a cat Mom to three "crazy cat lady" Kids!! LOL!! Ani is 9 and she is the Diva!! She was named after Ani Difranco and her song 32 flavors is my cat to a T!! I actually rescued all my cats but when I had Ani in the car she cried the whole time till I put this song on in the car!! It was meant to be!!  Boo is 7 and he is really shy but such a lover boy to his Mama!! Boo was found 1 week before Halloween and since he is all black it as fitting to call him Boo!!
PCOSBrody is 5 and this fuzzy boy was found under a snow plow as a kitten with all his brothers!! We went to a house to see him with no intent on bringing another cat home..... but it was my Husband that caved and Brody crawled into his sweat shirt pouch like a kangaroo. The rest is history!! I actually have to check my friends bags before they leave everyone wants to steel my little love bug.

3.)  I love animals and really I treat animals inside and outside like Kings!! My friends like to call me snow white!! We live in a area where I  have woods all around me and no neighbors to make angry!! I leave salad scraps to bird cakes out for all the animals to enjoy. We have a BIG ground hog named Mr. G and banana peels are his favorite!! The Deer the Turkey and everyone in between graze on the feeder at the woods edge. Even a snake by our pool Mr. Slithers will come out to sun himself on the black area of the pool pump!! My Husband will scream like a girl if he catches him off guard!! It's just a big gardener snake!!! Don't worry friends!! I give him a clap and he will exit the area before a pool party!!

100% perscription free
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4.) I have been told that I can't have kids due to PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) And this is why animals are like my kids!! However I can have facial hair and hormonal breakouts due to PCOS!! Thanks!! I was diagnosed when I was 13 and struggled with PCOS all my life. The pain of a cyst rupturing has been said to be similar to child birth and can go on for hours. I remember the first time it happened and they thought I was having a appendicitis, rushed to the ER with 104o temp and paralyzed in abdominal pain. Weight was always a issue for me with PCOS but I was able to Blow my doctors away about two years ago! 70+ pounds gone and 100% PRESCRIPTION Free!! I love that I can pay it forward and help others do the same!! With clean eating and Shakeology!!

Sara Stakeley

5.) I am the jack of all trades!! I have always had a job!! I most often even had two jobs!! Everything from a hostess, server, bartender, receptionist, lifeguard, Mary Kay lady, Flight Attendant, Esthetician, Nail tech, and health and wellness coach!! I was a flight attendant after going to school for travel and tourism for almost 5 years!! And after 911 became very stressed about the job and job security!! Back to school I went and learned skin care. I love working at the spa and I have found that I can help people like myself with hormonal acne, or just make people relax!! I still do this here at a local spa where I really enjoy doing what I do and love!! I also love coaching and since this can be done from my home online, or on Facebook I am able to do both. Making a income from home seemed crazy to me. At my age the pyramid schemes would pop up all around me growing up!! MLM or multi level marketing is Beachbodys foundation but we sell a product and I can make more then my up line so it is different in so many ways!! Carl the CEO of Beachbody saw results customers where getting and instead of selling his products at Walmart or Target he decided to create the coaching opportunity. I have had results and I help others do the same!! That is my job and it is so much fun!! I make extra income from home and it has been a way for me to pay off debt,vacation for free while getting paid, and live comfortably. I am on track to become 100% debt free and I have a team that I help under me conquer goals and help others as well. Stay at home Mom's, people who have stepped away from high paying careers, making more from home!! The rewards of this job are amazing!! I feel truly blessed to be able to work with  my true passion in life, helping people and making them feel good!! This is my calling... and where I was meant to be!!
I love it!!
Sara Stakeley weight loss

6.)  My fitness journey..... somehow I am always that person that has to learn things the hard way!! I have tried it all when it comes to weight loss!!! Gosh! I am ashamed to admit it but really... all the pills, the fads, all the money I wasted on that Shit!! I have counted points and attended meetings where somehow I felt as if it was punishment for being FAT!! Personal nutritionist.... now that was expensive!! And I remember thinking this women is not even healthy herself!! Here hair was a mess and her eyes where dull not bright, and she could stand to lose a few herself "if you know what I mean"!!  What else.... Just eat meat diet,Wii Fit, Gym memberships, the list goes on and on!! I am however thankful now that I can relate to what people have tried and why it hasn't worked!! I guess that is why I have been able to have success with coaching!! Until P90X I thought there was no hope... Now I know different!! Love Tony Horton LOL!!

Sara Stakeley
7.)  I am a control freak! I always have to be in control and make the decisions. I have the hardest time sitting back and letting someone else do the work.  I always think I could do it better.  But that gets me into trouble because then I take on more than I can handle!!! However I do not control or master a clean car!! Not sure why but my car is always a HOT MESS!!


8.) My Dream Vacation!! I will someday plant my toes in the sands of Fiji !!! I will stay in one of those huts on the water and wake up to step outside and dive into the crystal clear water below. Brian and I are total beach bums and a vacation to us is that exactly NOTHING!!! Sun and sand, SPF of course and a drink with a umbrella Heaven!!

Uncle Brian Stakeley

9.) The interesting world of becoming a Stakeley. 
Like I said above I met Brian and we dated a long time before we got married. I come from a big family!! Really Big!! And everyone on my side is super fun!! We do things as a family and hug and kiss. Love is a word we share often and every conversation ends with it!! Growing up like this you think the whole world is the same. Well that was not the case for my Husband. I didn't get to meet his parents until 3 years into our relationship to say they are different is putting it nicely!! I think he didn't want me to run and never look back!! Brian had a different childhood then mine and that makes me really sad. I have no idea how he has learned to be the caring man he is today, other then just doing the opposite of what he has seen. It is sad to me at times that I don't have a mother in law like my Mom does with my Grandmother. When I think about it I have to step back and truly be thankful for the family I have and the way they are big part of my life as well as my Husbands. One thing I can say is that Mrs. Stakeley doesn't bother us and over the years I have just learned to laugh off most of what comes out of her mouth!! I try to involve them in everything we have going on and though this can be different to my family they have learned to laugh it off as well and support Brian.  Family is a blessing!!
Sara Stakeley before picture

10.) I love to dance and cook!! You know how you dance at home when no one is looking??? Well that is me in public!! LOL I don't care and  love it!! Music to me is really important!! I drive my Husband nuts when I break out into a dance at home. I dance in the kitchen while I cook, I dance into a room when he is watching TV!! I love to be that girl at weddings to start a dance circle!! We have a disco ball that we put over the pool and have dance parties at night!! I know every move to a Michael Jackson song, and love to have a jukebox dance party!!! Some of my favorite nights out with my Sister and friends is when we play a song and turn it into a flash mob!! No DJ required!! Dancing Machine!! I actually took 18 years of dance classes so I do have a little credit to say... I can DANCE!! I am a really good cook and I create and make clean recipes to share with my online support group for weight loss and health!!

Well that is me!! In a nutshell!! I have learned so much about myself and about life!! I am excited to see what the future has in store for my story.

Thanks for stopping by my page!!

~ Sara

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