Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Diary of a FoodAHOLIC !!

Diary of a foodAHOLIC (entry 1)

So I decided to track my progress and what better place to keep you on track then here on my Blog for everyone to see!! My weight loss journey have been just that a journey!! I remember being a teen and my Mother explaining to me that I got her genes and I was always going to have to watch my weight!! LOL!! Why couldn't be her smile or warm loving heart!! ARGH! I swear every conversation I have with my father revolves around food!! And I can't think of one thing that I wouldn't eat!! I love it all..... But back on topic.. I have lost weight and gained and lost weight again. The one thing that has stuck for me is I have to have options and I can't feel like I am depriving myself !! Or I want it even MORE! I will say that I have been slacking a little with my food and workouts. I got comfortable and let my cheat meals slip in more then once a week!! So before I end up letting 10 pounds turn into 30 I am going to nip this in the butt and get my ASS in gear!!

Sara Stakeley
Yes I workout to eat cheese!!
I have been doing P90X and I have been able to lose weight before with P90X (30 pounds!!) I get up and put the DVD in and away I go!! I love this workout but what I have found is I hate how long it is!! Yes I know 1 hour out of my day won't kill me but I feel like it is forever compared to other newer Beachbody workouts that have spoiled me!! My plan is to stick it out and finish strong ready to go for P90X3 when it comes out in December!! And 30 minutes 5 days a week will feel like a Holiday!! Can you believe this workout has been around for over 10 years!! You may already own it!! Maybe even on VHS !! I even have P90X2 !!  LOL

For me the workout are my FROG!! I have never said I enjoy working out but I know I have to for my health and my future!! 

Design your future!!
See in your 30's I feel like we worry less about skinny jeans
and more about walkers some day!! RIGHT!

My Sister is a fitness trainer and she runs two sometimes three classes a day and still comes home to do her workout!! I swear she got not only my fathers genes but all the workout MOJO as well!!
Since the workout aren't my favorite I get up and it is the first thing I do!! I get it out of the way so I don't have to think about it all day! And that is my first tip!! Planning!! I plan for my workouts like it is a meeting with my Boss!! I plan for my week and I plan for my meals!!

Sara Stakeley
I follow the Eat Clean diet and I love to cook clean!! I love to find a recipe I love and clean it up!! I try to even challenge myself at times with this and find recipes that I can't live without or crave to make clean eating my lifestyle and not a chore like the workouts! This is what I do each and every Sunday I sit down my list and recipes from my Blog here and I develop a meal plan.

Sara Stakeley





I prep for the week and cut up veggies, boil eggs, and count out my nuts!! I pack "my cooler" I say my cooler because it is my area I can go to in my fridge for grab and go snacks!! I eat every 2 to 3 hours and I have found I eat more now then I ever have before!! Can you tell I like food?? I can go on forever on this topic!!

Here is my meal plan for the week!!
Meal Plan
Sara Stakeley

The easiest meal of my day is Shakeology and I have a shake everyday for lunch! It is the easiest meal and I wouldn't go a day without it! It is my chocolate fix and my daily dose of vitamins! And you bet I have found ways to spice this up as well!! Yesturday I had a salted caramel frappuccino!! Inspired by Starbucks and my will to walk away and blend when I got home!! A dash of sea salt and it was YUMMY!! And I was proud I stayed on track!! Besides who wants to waste a cheat meal on a coffee!! ============>

Today it saved me from the FREE samples at Costco's and helps me to stick to my list so in the end I save MONEY!!

Costco's Secret Weapon!!

So in closing my goal for this week is to stay on track with my workouts push hard and I have a trip planned to see my Sister this weekend!! I will work on my plan and include my travel tips for staying on track while away!! Stay tuned
"this is a marathon not a sprint" !!
Message me if you would like to join as success partner  s_bucuren@hotmail.com 

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