Friday, September 6, 2013

What I learned from my Cat !!

Today is my Cat kid Boo's 7th Birthday and I wanted to share with you his story and how he made me realize to never give up on anything!!
We found Boo a week before Halloween and he was rescued to our home and I truly feel like it was meant to be!! I had been thinking about getting another cat and I wanted a black cat but you can't adopt a black cat from September to November!! So when we found Boo I knew it was meant to be.
It was September 2nd when Boo's life would change forever!! It was days before his 2nd Birthday and when my Husband woke up and went down stairs he notices the window screen behind the couch was pushed out. Ani our older female cat was sitting on the couch but Boo was no where to be found.... I'm not sure what made him push through the screen of the open window that night and sadly I will never know. He was a inside cat from the day we found him and had never been outside since. Brian woke me up and we searched every inch of the house praying he was still inside. When we didn't find him we searched outside. We walked for hours that day searching and calling his name and nothing. That night was the hardest it killed me to think that he was outside by himself in the dark.  Brian was so upset he slept on the couch with the window open (screen in) waiting to see if he would come back.

 Day two and we were back at it outside searching all around the house. I had made copies with his picture and posted them in the area and at the local stores!! I put out an amber alert online with that makes calls to the surrounding area and lets your neighborhood know the description of your lost pet!! I tried EVERYTHING!! Calls came in and it seemed like black cats were turning up everywhere but none of them where BOO.
Now I can only imagine what he had to do to survive for food, safety, and warmth because he was missing for 7 months !!
September to April and it was one of the coldest winters here in PA with snow and freezing temperatures.  It broke my heart and I would pray every night that we would find him.
We continued to look for him every morning and every night we chased cats all over the neighborhood in search of Boo.
I prayed that someone had taken him in and he had found a safe place and a new home.


I can not have kids so my cats are my kids but I had prayed and prayed and I had given up.. But my Husband and Boo did not!!
He was still out there and we had no idea but after 7 months Brian called me and he had seen a post on craigslist black cat found. I admit that when I saw this I though "here we go again" another black cat to go and look at and be disappointed when it wasn't him but I called anyway.
I spoke with a women who volunteers and traps and relocates cats before animal control can eliminate them. She had found a black cat in a subway dumpster about 20 minutes from our house. I told her that we had lost a cat and gave a description of Boo he has a white spot under his chin, he was declawed and had 1 white whisker.
This cat matched that description!! Brian and I went to the women's house and in a small room she let the black cat out and he was skinny and dirty he had to have his ear tip clipped because of frost bite and his paws where split and dry from the cold. It took him a minute to come out but he warmed up to us and I believed this was our Cat!!
We brought Boo home and after the vet looked him over he was lucky to be alive!! The vet said he wouldn't of made it another month.
So five years later on his Birthday safe and sound as I woke up with him in the bed by my side I thought I am so thankful for my Husband for never giving up and for Boo for being safe by my side!!  

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