Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Goal Bracelet

 I'm showing you today is the Goal Bracelet, and it can apply to anything you're working toward, whether it's days being pounds lost, days without sugar "insert your goal here," or counting all the achievements you've made—it's just so versatile and I am excited to share it with you!

Here are my 4-steps to the fool-proof Goal Bracelet. The supplies you'll need are: pony bead lacing, connectors, and craft beads.

Goal Bracelet

My 3 big tips:

  1. I prefer mini pony beads over the standard size because they're so much smaller! I like my Goal Bracelet to go with me anywhere (in the shower, in the pool, on my long runs)—I never take it off—so having something that's not only waterproof but small and streamlined is important to me.
  2. I have tried several methods for this, and the triple-wrap is the best that works for me. I find that wrapping the bracelet 3-times helps so it's easier to put on yourself each morning, since you can keep it snug while you're inserting the connector into the pony bead lacing. I always hold the side with the connector against my palm with my left hand, wrap it around my wrist 3-times, and then insert the other end with my right hand. I've tried using a single-strand bracelet for this, and I drop it every time.
  3. The knot at one end helps prevent beads from slipping off. Sometimes, my fingers slip while I'm putting my bracelet on and I drop it ... if there's no knot at one end, the beads usually scatter all over the ground. I haven't had a problem since I started using the knot.
    • The knot also helps if you're like me and want a specific bead pattern... this way I don't have to figure out where it stops or starts!

What goal are you looking to achieve? Would you use a Goal Bracelet to help?

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