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Clean Eating Grocery List

Clean Eating Grocery Lists
I found this page on one of my favorite recipe sights!! The Gracious Pantry has so many ways to eat good healthy clean food. Here is a easy way to find what you need to keep your meals tasty and healthy :)

For the last few months, I’ve been going around to different stores to see what types of clean eating foods you can buy at different places. At first, I thought the lists would be about the same, since really, clean eating is all about fresh, whole foods. But surprisingly, the lists did seem to vary. So I’m happy to now have a collection of shopping lists to help you navigate your local grocery store.
The truth is, I can only do lists for the stores I have in my area. So I realize there are some of you who may not be able to actually use these lists. But hopefully, the majority of you will find at least one list you can use, and if nothing else, you can get a good idea of the products and brand names that work well with clean eating.
The truth is, this will take a bit of time. It will require some label reading and an understanding of what clean ingredients are.
You will want to build a master list. A list of all clean ingredients that you find at a particular store.
Divide your list by categories such as “Dairy”, “Protein”, “Grains”, etc.
Every time you go to the store, look for one or two more items to add to your list.
By the time you’ve compiled this list, you will be very well acquainted with what is available at a particular store and the list may no longer be absolutely necessary. But one thing I’ve found is that shopping habits change over time. Products also change, so it’s a good idea to occasionally re-read labels. So overall, the list will evolve with time if you keep it maintained. But even if you end up with just a short list, it’s a good reminder of the types of things to buy at any particular store.
Another way to create your list is to write down a list of everything you usually buy, and each week, hunt down clean versions if you can. But I find this second method can be a bit frustrating for those just starting out because it will seem like there’s just nothing you can buy! Of course, that’s not the case, but it will feel overwhelming to start with. The choice is yours however.
The most critical element to all of this is, of course, learning to read labels for clean eating (see link above). But once you’ve got that down, the process becomes much, much easier.
Here are a few lists to get you started:
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Hope this helps!!

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