Monday, June 24, 2013

Announcing the New Vanilla Shakeology- Recipes, Nutrition Facts and More

It is so nice to finally be back at home!  After a crazy busy week in Las Vegas I am glad to be back in somewhat of a normal routine. 

But while in Las Vegas for the Annual Coach Summit there was some big announcements that took place! Today I want to share with you the first big announcement!  A lot of people that follow my blog are huge Shakeology fans!  Some are not and that is ok!  But today I really wan to share with you the brand new addition to the Shakeology family and that is Vanilla Shakeology.

Vanilla Shakeology has been 2 years in the making.  
Vanilla Shakeology Recipes

Here are some great FAQ's regarding Vanilla Shakeology:

I thought [heard] Shakeology would never be able to launch a vanilla version because of all of the chemicals used in Vanilla flavoring. How did they finally do it?

Because we absolutely refuse to compromise on quality, it took years of searching and testing to hunt down a pure, flavorful, and ethically sourced vanilla bean that would meet Shakeology's standards. By using this particular vanilla we are able to achieve complete traceability of vanilla beans coming from a multitude of small Madagascar farms. Through our purchase of these premium beans, we are helping to invest in a wide variety of training for the indigenous Malagasy farmers as well as the building and ongoing maintenance of schools in Madagascar, enhancing the educational environment & resources for more than 3000 children.
Where can I find the nutritional information and ingredients for Vanilla?
You can download the PDF of the ingredients and supplement facts at bottom of my site,

What is the nutritional info for Vanilla Shakeology?
Vanilla Shakeology has 130 calories, 16g of protein, 14g of carbs, 7g of sugar, and 2g of fat. For more nutritional information and the list of ingredients, please view or download the PDF at bottom of

Does the Vanilla contain both whey and pea protein?
Yes, Vanilla Shakeology still has whey protein in it. We also added a small amount of natural pea protein to round out the amino acid profile.
Vanilla Shakeology Nutrition Facts

Vanilla Shakeology Nutrition Information

Will you be coming out with a Vegan Vanilla Shakeology?
We are considering a vegan version of Vanilla for the future. Check back with us next year for an update.
Is Vanilla Shakeology gluten-free?
The Shakeology formula does not contain any gluten-based ingredients and we make every effort to prevent any ingredients with gluten from coming into direct or indirect contact with our products. However, because of our high standards we do not feel it is appropriate to make a gluten-free claim since Shakeology is produced in facilities that also handle gluten based ingredients. If you have a concern about gluten it is best to consult your doctor before making any dietary changes.

When will Shakeology be certified gluten-free?
There are no gluten-based ingredients in the Shakeology formula. Although we can apply for a gluten-free certification, the safety of our customers is extremely important to us and until we are satisfied that our high standards can be met we will not put a gluten-free certified statement on the package. To meet our internal standards, we are reviewing our entire supply chain of nearly 100 ingredients to ensure that there is no potential exposure to gluten-based grains from the farm to the Shakeology product being sealed in the final package. At this point we cannot say when that assessment will be complete.

Is Vanilla Shakeology free from allergens?
Shakeology is formulated to be free of the common 8 allergens, however, Shakeology is made in a manufacturing facility that also process allergens such as soy, wheat, milk and gluten. While our manufacturing procedures follows strict, required FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which include cleaning and breaking down of equipment between production runs and proper air filtration systems as precautionary measures, the possibility of cross-contamination can never be 100% eliminated, therefore we include the warning statement as a precaution to make our customers aware that Shakeology is Manufactured in a facility that also processes soy, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, and wheat (gluten) ingredients." We feel this is a responsible approach to help those with extreme sensitivities to such ingredients make an informed decision about the use of Shakeology.

I had the chance to try Vanilla Shakeology last week in Las Vegas.  It is smooth, amazing and really really good!  I have to say that this is going to be another great addition to an already amazing line of Shakeology flavors.  If you are looking to add some nutrient density to your day then this is the way to go.  Beachbody believes in creating a product that stands up to its name.  They work to make sure that the ingredients are of optimum quality and that they do not compromise your health!!!  I truly believe that Shakeology is what keeps me and my family healthy.  We replace 1 meal a day with a shake and we are healthier than we have ever been.  I used to be a skeptic about meal replacements but not any more.  I truthfully believe in clean eating, Shakeology and Beachbody.  They have changed my life and the life of my family as well!!

You can actually try it now and get me as your coach!  I can also help you customize a meal plan to meet your needs!  80% of your weight loss comes from the foods that you eat.  If you put good quality foods in your body you will get a good quality body in return!  So while Shakeology is only 1 meal of the day, lets really get the rest of your health under control!!!!!  

If you are nervous about trying Shakeology because you are afraid that you won't like it, then this is the perfect opportunity.  Starting on July 8th I will be doing a 30 day Shakeology and Clean Eating Group to aid you in finding the balance between diet and exercise.  We will focus on the principles of clean eating, preparing healthy meals, snacks, grocery shopping, temptations, emotional eating and more! Especially this time of the year when everyone is traveling, going to graduation parties and weddings. We have to be on the top of our game when it comes to our health!  Do you need that gentle little nudge, some encouragement and support along the way?  Then join my July 8th challenge group and I will guide you in the right direction!!!

Vanilla Shakeology

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