Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mother of Twins Turbofire Transformation Story

It's Transformation Time!!! 
The best part about being a Beachbody Coach is seeing YOUR success!!! You worked hard for those results and you deserve to toot your own horn a little. I love that Beachbody rewards you for your hard work by giving you $500 if you submit your before and after pictures. Not only do you get perks of a new body but you get cash to buy yourself some new clothes too. Check out this awesome story of Sarah who completed Turbofire and had amazing results.

In August of 2011, I was blessed with twins and spent the entire first year taking care of their many needs, putting myself last—dead last. It was a year of fast food, little physical activity, and even less sleep. My crazy schedule simply didn’t allow for much “me” time, and it showed. I was 25 pounds heavier than I was before my pregnancy, had lost my self-confidence, and was extremely unhappy with my appearance. Even though people would tell me that I looked great for having twins, I did not want to look great “for having twins”—I wanted to “LOOK GREAT”—period! And that’s when I asked my sister for help.

My sister, Misty, is an amazing Beachbody Coach and suggested I give TurboFire a shot. Turns out, sister knows best because TurboFire was exactly what I was looking for: High energy, fun music, lots of dancing, and non-stop motivation. Once I mastered TurboFire, I took on ChaLEAN Extreme and my results just amplified.

The thing I love most about Chalene is that she motivates you to push harder and harder every workout, and the results were worth it! So not only am I now a HUGE Chalene fan, I’m also a die-hard Shakeology fan, too. As a picky eater who struggles with her veggies, it feels great knowing I am getting so many nutrients in one glass. Plus, Shakeology gives me unbelievable amounts of energy—which I desperately need raising twins.

And while both Chalene and Misty were incredibly supportive and encouraging, like anyone, I had my down days too. Which is why I’m so thankful to have been part of a Challenge Group. Without them, I could not have achieved this level of success. Even on the days I didn’t feel like working out, I knew I had to so I could submit a post (or else I’d be “in trouble”). The support and accountability was amazing and it really made me feel good about the healthier lifestyle I was living. I really don’t think I could have lost the weight, and got in shape, without Beachbody's structured programs and my Challenge Group.

Since starting my fitness journey six months ago I’ve lost 25 pounds, 7 inches off my waist, and 6 inches off my hips and I’ve become a Beachbody coach. Now I wake up, workout, eat healthy, and live happy. I push myself a little more each and every day and am realizing that I am capable of doing so much more than I ever thought possible, which is carrying over into all aspects of my life. I’m on my way to getting certified as a TurboKick instructor, as well as becoming a certified personal trainer. I love my new lifestyle and I know it’s all because I took the first step and joined a Challenge Group!

There were so many people who told me I’d never get my body back after having twins. Thanks to Beachbody, I didn’t just get my old body back—I have an even better one!

Do you want to join my next challenge group and change your life just like Sarah? Is now your time? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired??

This is your sign!! Ask me about my next challenge group and

see if it would be a good fit for you!

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